Welcome to Free Range Tours

We are a small, exclusive and boutique tour service company operating out of Kelowna, British Columbia. Our tours are designed and curated by sommelier Mia Papadopolous and Top Chef Canada’s Chris Shaften.

We specialize in intimate tours of B.C. wine country and are particularly known for leading our clients to hidden gems with private tastings with the winemaker or vintner and creating one of a kind culinary experiences. Someone with an inside track to the wineries (both grand and garage). However we are happy to take you to wineries of your choosing as well – it’s all about the free range

We’re here make your trip, easy, luxurious, and delicious.

True Okanagan

East & West

A 5 winery tour showcasing the best in east and west Kelowna, encompassing varietals and wineries that showcase the diversity and quality of Okanagan wines. We will go behind the scenes and learn what Okanagan wine is all about, from grape to glass!


Poppin' off

Bubbles & Bites

Learn about food and sparkling wine pairings, while sampling the best in BC. This 4 vineyard tour contains bites at each stop created by Top Chef Canada’s Chris Shaften to compliment each wineries unique bubbles.


The Free-est Range

Make it Custom

We excel at putting tours together that suit you tastes and curiosities. There's hundreds of wineries here, so let us know what you feel like and we won't be wasting any time!


The Experience

Is Free Range For You?

Do you enjoy the finer things in life, are you planning your special trip the Okanagan? Do you want to experience B.C’s wine region in a deep and meaningful way? Are you the “not into canned tour” type – “no cheap box lunch and 45-seat-bus for me” type– The “I want to enjoy my wines safely, and not drive myself” type? If yes, then you’re the “Book free range tours and be guided by someone who knows the valley best” type!

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